Your benefits:

  • Our service completely free for You

  • Our excellent service

  • We convey only serious and trustworthy providers

  • Easywechseln24 provides You with a personal contact person for electricity- and gas-supply, who will take care of You at anytime by e-mail or telephone

What makes us different is not only the fair energy-provider-comparison, as other suppliers deliver it. We are made of personality and cooperation. The direct communication between customer and adviser is very significant to us – for accuracy and satisfaction. For this reason, You have Your own personal contact person, who watches out for Your electricity- and gas-tariffs.

The change is also a very important component of our work. Other comparison-portals would just do a change without having Your consent. Our service covers the information that Your contract period expires soon, up to the completed chang.

So it does not happen without Your consent. If You would like to keep the tariff by Your own interest, we will gladly comply with Your wishes.

Hilfe beim Wechseln

You have problems deciding for a new tariff?

At other comparison-portals You sometimes get offered up to 150 different rates. Understandable, that not all of them meet Your needs. Nevertheless, with this amount it is also problematic to keep track – and right there is where the problem mostly lies.

However, we are glad to assist You in choosing a rate that really matches Your needs and is the personal best for You.

So that You are always satisfied and carefree when it comes to Your energy-provider, we consider in our compilation for an offer especially the price, the rating of other customers, bonuses offered and the contractual obligations.

We help You in any case!

If You want to change Your electricity or gas tariffs and problems arise, we stay at Your side. The fact that You have Your personal contact person at Easywechseln24 is a help and solution, to the problems encountered – also always found quickly

Often the offer is just too big and too extensive and You are on the lookout for Yourself.

We put together a free offer for an electricity- and gas-comparison and You only have to choose from a much reduced and tailored – to Your needs and desires – offer. The request for an offer is non-binding and free of charge in any case


Enjoy excellent service and personal cooperation

With ten years of experience in the field of electricity- and gas-supply, we especially can protect You

It’s because, the terms of the electricity- and gas-tariffs change during the contract period and we know how to avoid such cost traps through our experience – to save You from sudden price increases.

The service should be as simple and effective as possible for You. For this reason, we continuously develop our systems in finer ways. Thus, the use of electricity and gas for You is getting increasingly cheaper and better.

Our philosophy: Switching from electricity- and gas-providers can be even easier. That’s why we offer You the all-round-carefree-service

We help You in just five minutes.